How To: Write the letters of the Arabic alphabet

Write the letters of the Arabic alphabet

This two part how to video series will cover the written Arabic language and then speech. This first lesson contains the basic isolated consonant forms. The second lesson will teach how to write basic words and how the isolated consonants change shape depending on where they are in the word. Follow these videos and you will be writing the modern standard Arabic alphabet in no time. Learning Arabic is not as hard as you'd think. If you have a good system you will be able to quickly learn how to master this beautiful language.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Write the letters of the Arabic alphabet, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Write the letters of the Arabic alphabet

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She Sucks!!! get me a true Native Arabic Speaker Danke!

very nice video .Hope she adds more to it

If you have nothing nice to say... I have been practicing the writing part for two days now and I have to say that for a none native speaker, I give her her props. I would like to see you try before criticizing her.

I really Like how she teaches How do you write Barb or barbara? and names of people? Iwould like to know I am just learning also! it iis really fun and interesting! and how to say the names prononce the names to slowly thanks! And how to write Letters in araibic would be nice to learn also!

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