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How To: Say "you're welcome" in Arabic

Basic courtesy is important no matter where you go, so if you are off to an Arabic speaking country, this lesson is essential. A little Arabic can go a long way. The second episode in the Survival Phrases series will teach you how to say and understand "You're Welcome" in Arabic. Follow along with the language lessons in these videos and you'll be speaking Arabic in no time.

How To: Pronounce the Arabic alphabet

Want to learn Arabic Alphabet? This video will help you learn how to pronounce the Arabic letters easily. The video will show you the Arabic letter along with its English transliteration along with the pronunciation of the letter by a native speaker. After the pronunciation of each letter you'll be given some time to try imitating the native speaker and memorize the shape of the letter.

How To: Pronounce "Tha'a" "Zay" "the-al" & "'6a'a" in Arabic

In this tutorial, we learn how to pronounce "Tha'a" "Zay" "the-al" & "'6a'a" in Arabic. Start by taking a look at the families of letters that have similar pronunciations. From here, you will want to practice saying each of the different letters out loud and then start to use them in sentences. After you do this, take a look at four main pronunciations, the "tha'a", "zay", "the-al" and "6a'a". These will sound different depending on the words that they are used in. Make sure to get the accent...

How To: Pronunce "Ta'a" & "6a'a" in Arabic

In this tutorial, we learn how to pronounce "Ta'a" & "6a'a" in Arabic. First, become familiar with the families of letters by their pronunciations. It will be helpful to hear the audio of how these sound so you can match the letter with the sound. As you learn the "ta" and "a" sounds, you will see how they change in different words, so they aren't always the same. The pronunciation will sound more heavy in some words and lighter in others. Once you have learned these, you will be ready to lea...

How To: Use two digit numbers in Arabic

In this video, we learn how to understand two digit numbers in Arabic. Start off by having numbers written out in Arabic on a screen in front of you. Guess what these numbers are and how you say them. After this, have the answer come out on how to say the number and what it is, so you know if you were right or not. The pronunciation to these numbers is key, because they can end up sounding incorrect or you could make a whole new world with the slip of just one letter. Practice this for the ba...

How To: Read numbers in Arabic

In this video, we learn how to read numbers in Arabic. Make sure you are looking at the screen while reading the numbers, so you can get a visual key as to how the numbers look. As you start with the first number, you should learn how to say them in Arabic using the correct pronunciation as well. Each of the different numbers have a unique look in Arabic and should be written out correctly, because they can be mistaken for other numbers if not written out correctly. You can also write several...

How To: Use heavy & light pronunciations in Arabic

In this tutorial, we learn how to use heavy & light pronunciations in Arabic. As you practice doing these pronunciations, you will need to watch the video where the letters are drawn out for you. It will also help you to hear the pronunciation done by a native speaker so you can get an idea of exactly how to say each letter. The letters differ greatly between how you say it in English and will change depending on what words you are using them in. As you learn how to pronounce these, you will ...

How To: Pronounce Arabic

In this video, we learn how to pronounce Arabic. There are families of letters to learn, that all have similar pronunciations. You will want to start out slow to learn how to say the different letters. Each letter can be pronounced up to three different ways. You will want to either have someone that already speaks Arabic to help you, or listen to audio so you know the sound. When you are reading these words, you will want to know what they sound like so you can completely understand the word...

How To: Pronounce Lam and ra2

Learning a new language can be a fun and educational experience. Not only are you learning another countrie's language, but you will also pick up on their culture as well. In this tutorial you'll be learning how to say two things in arabic. It may seem like a difficult language to learn, but with the right amount of study time, it can actually be picked up pretty easily. So in this video, you'll find out how to pronounce Lam and ra2. So good luck and make sur eyou practice. Enjoy!

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